At Pico, we find that jewelry and accessories are a perfect and accessible way to express oneself. When and what kind of pieces people wear is very individual.
We, therefore, wish to create a ‘walk-in closet’ of jewelry, timeless staples and trendy pieces for every mood and season.
We, therefore, believe that prices need to be reasonable, without compromising on the quality of the materials we use.

All the jewelry and accessories are designed by Anne-Marie herself.
Lina, our goldsmith produces the jewelry, while our hair- and other accessories are produced globally. Nearly all our products are hand-made.

Helene Kask

My art is my meditation. My passion is to create.
It´s my calling, my desire, my light, my inner voice.

I find my inspiration from nature, the different elements, astrology, spirituality and dreams. To create is a true healing experience for me. A process of exploration, investigation and expression of thoughts and insights to life and to myself. This is my personal story and I am honoured to share it with you.

All pieces are handcrafted so some variations might occur, but it also makes every piece unique.


The jewelry and accessory brand IOAKU were founded by the Swedish fashion and accessory designer Fanny Ek in 2012. Her desire for developing art in combined media with statement and love has been the driving force for the brand. Each piece has it’s highly unmistakable personal touch by Fanny’s passion for art, design and craftmanship. It’s sophisticated elegance expressed with a unique style in a look that echoes both the past and the future. Very modern shapes create a strong individual look that is recognizable as beautiful, powerful and desirable.


PRINTWORKS är ett svenskt designbolag inom inredning och modeaccessoarer. Varumärket grundades 2015 av Annette Gårdö, en tidigare VD från reklambranschen, tillsammans med den kreativa chefen Patrik Westerdahl.

Med ett skickligt designteam i Stockholm och ett brett internationellt nätverk av illustratörer och fotografer utvecklar vi personliga inredningsdetaljer och modeaccessoarer för de stilmedvetna.

PRINTWORKS produkter finns idag hos några av de mest prestigefyllda varuhusen i världen, Selfridges och Conran Shop i London, såväl som Lafayette och Le Bon Marché i Paris.


The love for traveling took us to Bali back in 2010 as a part of exploring the world. We fell in love with the island, the people, nature and creativity.

Along with the most unique art traditions, originality and quality of workmanship we saw the opportunity to share with you these amazing gems. Our jewelry is handmade by artisans in Bali guided by our local creative director.

We work closely together to give you unique pieces, which we hope will give you a deeper personal meaning. Maybe you received a bracelet from someone who means “the world” to you. Or maybe you gave yourself a necklace as a reminder to be the best version of yourself – every day.

In a world of mass-produced products, Santai is giving you the opportunity to support artisans all over the island. The core of what we do, the very essence, is founded in making both artisans and customers happy. If you´re like us, you care about who you´re buying from and who you´re supporting. Our jewelry, are all ethically handmade, using only high-quality materials. We hope to inspire you to trust yourself and your creativity.

Maria Black

Maria Black works in her Copenhagen-based studio and is fascinated by the carefree attitude of silver, and the sensual promise of gold. She loves to shape metals, and show how beautiful lines can be twisted in new and exciting directions.

Much of her inspiration is drawn from artist David Bowie and the things that surround her as her late grandmother’s house. In addition, she loves strong silhouettes, simple design, and feel a strong connection to the simplicity in Japanese art and culture.

Icon design living

Icon design living is a Swedish brand, which was founded in 2010. “Unique jewelry for unique minds” is the designer Marina Hedlund’s guiding spirit.
As a result of 25 years of traveling around the world,
Marina developed a deep connection with Asia and the Buddhist approach to life.
The design reflects the founder’s deep interest in design and passion for making unique jewelry that is memorable and meaningful.
The collection has a chic bohemian touch and includes necklaces with carefully selected Buddha amulets and a beautiful bracelet.
The materials used are leather, wood and semi-precious stones such as jade, agate and turquoise.
The jewelry quickly became popular and almost immediately recognized among celebrities in Sweden and internationally. Today’s collection throughout Sweden, as well as selected stores in Denmark, Norway, Finland, Island, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Australia, Israel, Lebanon, Mexico and the USA.